10 Spring Dangers You Should Be Aware of for Your Pet

Spring is in the air! …Well, almost! Winter is nearing its end, and while some of us may be breathing a sigh of relief and welcoming the warm weather, others might not be so keen to say goodbye to the fluffy white snow, and cold breezes. And by “others,” I am specifically referring to my 3 Siberian Huskies!

10 Spring Dangers You Should Be Aware of for Your Pet

The Spring season is warm, beautiful, and seems to just bring your surroundings to life. But with all this beauty are some hidden dangers. Some of which can be extremely harmful to your pets. Today, I will share 10 common (and some not so common) spring dangers to your pet.

  1. Allergies. It’s not just us humans that can get seasonal allergies. Pets can too! Pay close attention to changes in your pet, such as: itching, fur loss, frequent “chewing” around their back end, or itching of the ears. These could all be signs of allergies in your pet.
  2. Fleas, ticks and other internal and external parasites. These critters are not just annoying for your pet, but can cause harm to a high extent as well.
  3. Be aware of what products you use for your lawn and/or garden. There are a lot of lawn treatment and garden products that can be toxic to animals. And it’s not just your animals you should be concerned about. Wildlife that may pass by could also be affected by toxic products you use outside as well.
  4. Warm weather tends to bring more people out and about. And more people means more dogs. And more dogs means more potential to catch a disease. There are contagious illnesses/diseases your pets can pick up from each other, so always be aware. Did you know your pet can even get sick from sniffing another pet’s stool? And let’s face it, there are far too many people who do not “scoop that poop” so be aware of your surroundings, and keep an eye on what your pet might be sniffing!
  5. Mosquitoes – heart-worm…. preventatives! Nuff said!!!
  6. Bee stings! These are not just painful, but some dogs and cats are allergic to bee stings, just like us! The worst part is, we don’t know it until they get stung! So, if your pet does get stung by a bee, keep a close eye for swelling and other symptoms you might notice that could be a sign of an allergy.
  7. Ice… or lack thereof. This is a concern at the beginning of spring. The lakes, and ponds are thawing, so always be sure not to let you pet outside without a leash if there are any lakes/ponds nearby that he could want to go play on. Dogs especially LOVE pawing and pouncing on the breaking ice, but this can be incredibly danger in deeper water.
  8. If you are anything like me, you can’t wait to open up those windows and let the fresh spring air come through your home. But… this can also be a danger. Check the screens on your windows each year before you open them. Check for any loose spots, holes, or anything your pet might be able to paw through.
  9. Spring cleaning. Always a good idea right? Just make sure you know what cleaning products you are using! Pets constantly lick their paws, so if they have just walked over a freshly mopped floor….. well, you know.
  10. Lost pets! These numbers always spike once the warmer weather hits. This is why it is incredibly to microchip your pets. Just in case.

Spring is an amazing season. Full of things to do, places to go, and people to see. By always being aware of your surroundings, and where and what your pet is doing, sniffing, eating etc… you can make this spring fun for you and your furry family too!

Do you have anything to add to this list? Share with us in the comments!

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jenna drady headshotJenna Drady

Jenna Drady is the author and creator of ownedbyahusky.ca. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and 3 Siberian Huskies. Being a husky mom for a long duration of her life, Jenna was inspired to begin writing about them. In doing so, she began doing massive research on dog behavior, and all things dog in general. Jenna is inspired everyday by her family, and loves to bring her readers valuable information as well as a little humor too! Jenna has created her own business partnered with her lovely mother while blogging called Pawz N Clawz Jewelry N Things. They currently sell handmade jewelry with added pet charms, as well as a few dog toys too! As an animal rights activist, and huge believer in helping pets who have been stuck in shelters, they donate a portion of their sales to local shelters throughout Canada.

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16 Responses to 10 Spring Dangers You Should Be Aware of for Your Pet

  1. My cats stay indoors, so my worries about dangers are less. Pet parents have so much to think about when bringing their pets outdoors.

  2. DearMishu says:

    I made a note, thank you!!

  3. Every season and every holiday seems to have its’ dangers, we’re on high alert all the time!! Great reminder to check screens for small tears or even loose frames, one little lean against it and I don’t want to think of what could happen. Great tips!

  4. Mr. N is one of those dogs with a bee allergy so I’m cautious during the warmer months. And yes, he got stung and that’s how we found out.

  5. What a great reminder of things to watch out for in spring. Easy to forget some of these things when the weather warms up and the sun comes out! I think checking the screens is especially important – lots of pets get lost through faulty screens and windows.

  6. Jane says:

    This is a great list for pet parents in preparation for Spring. I really appreciate the reminder to be cautious of the cleaning products used, it’s something we don’t always think of at the time.

  7. Cathy Armato says:

    These are all important tips as we head into Spring. I’m always mindful of flea & tick preventative. We don’t take a break from that in Winter, we use it all year round. My Husky will miss the snow but little Phoebe will be happy to say Adios, Winter!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. Great reminders. I need to take Kilo to the vet for tick prevention and a check up. Also clean his paws after our walks as a thin layer of snow, salt and ice again. Also, lots of rubbish has appeared that was buried all winter or carried by strong winds lately- garbage bins were blown over. I have to watch him carefully as he will eat chicken bones or other dangerous crap.

  9. Joely Smith says:

    Such a wonderful list! It is amazing how many products in the average home are toxic to our pets! Our local humane society is doing a discount deal on microchipping soon and everyone in my family with a pet is getting that done. I also am no longer planting a gorgeous flower in my yard this Spring because I recently found out it is toxic to many pets. I am going to bookmark this list to keep myself aware of things I need to watch for.

  10. I can relate to what you wrote about those that don’t pick up after their dogs. My dogs have gotten sick because of it. When people don’t pick up, the bacteria grows around it and other dogs pick up the bacteria and end up sick. Just finished a two week round of meds to get my dogs well again. :(

  11. Great advice! We love opening the windows when it warms up around here, but I am always extra cautious about making sure the screens are secure. I also only open the windows in the rooms that I am in at the time.

  12. Great post. The lawn is so important. I am so upset that municipal parks and such use chemicals. I mean, it’s not just our dogs but our children too. Scary.

  13. I can tell that Spring is almost here because Piper’s seasonal allergies are starting to kick in. I appreciate the reminder that it’s almost flea and tick season too! This is a wonderful Spring prep checklist! Thank you!

  14. Truffle and Brulee stay in doors, but we definitely have a problem with fleas and mosquitos in the South, so they get treated. We’ve also discovered that Brulee may have allergies to the pollen because she started sneezing recently.

  15. Robin says:

    Every season has its challenges! I think that you have a fairly complete list here. Thank you so much for the reminders. Since my Dexter isn’t quite a year old yet, we don’t know if he’ll have any spring allergies yet. I will be watching out for that!

  16. Beth says:

    One of my dogs seems to have seasonal allergies as well as a food allergy. I dread spring and summer for her. I didn’t know that a dog can get sick from sniffing another dog’s stool. Fortunately, most people around here do pick up after their dogs.

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