10 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored With Some Tips and TricksAs humans, we know exactly what it’s like to feel that awful, bored out of our minds, just want to get up and go feeling. But did you know that our beloved dogs also experience that very same feeling?

It’s true. Often times, when someone tells me their dog is destructive, and they are at a loss with what to do and how to do it, the main reason seems to stem from their dog simply being… bored!

Not to worry, I have 10 ways to keep your dog from getting bored, and in turn becoming destructive.

So How on Earth Are You Suppose to Help a Dog With Boredom?

I have 10 simple things to help you get started!

  1. Play gamesKeep Your Dog From Getting Bored By Playing Games to mentally stimulate your dog - such as hide and seek with treats, or some good treat puzzle games, which can be purchased at most pet stores.
  2. Try a hike! If you don’t regularly go hiking, go for it! It gets both you and your dog up and out the door, and who knows what kind of adventure you’ll run into!
  3. Toy change up! Dogs can get bored with the same old toys, so every other week, switch their toys for some new ones, then rotate back to the old ones the following week.
  4. Try out a new trick! Dogs are generally always eager to learn, so choose 15 minutes out of every day and teach your pup a brand new trick!
  5. Take your dog with you! Most dogs love road trips, even if it’s just a drive around the block.
  6. Find local sporting events for dogs, and try him out at some agility, flyball, or other doggie sports.
  7. Take your dog for a shopping spree! Go out to your favorite pet store, and splurge on your dog. Let him pick out his own toys, you might be surprised what he goes to first. You could also try finding a dog friendly cafe or restaurant.
  8. Arrange a doggie play date!
  9. Make some homemade frozen treats, or a frozen stuffed Kong recipe to keep your dog busy for a while.
  10. Change up your walk destinations. Take your dog somewhere completely different than you normally do. Introducing him to new smells, and faces during your walk will give your dog an extra boost of mental stimulation.

There is so much in the world for us to involve our dogs in, all it takes is some creativity, and energy.

You may surprise yourself with the things you can come up with! Personally, I will admit that my Siberian Huskies have definitely brought out the best in me, and my family. There is never a dull moment, and I have learned to find numerous ways to entertain them, but at the same time, they seem to be the ones who like to entertain me. It’s a win win situation!

What are you waiting for? Get up, and get creative!
What sort of things do you do to keep your dog from getting bored?
Share with us in the comments!

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jenna drady headshotJenna Drady

Jenna Drady  is the author and creator of ownedbyahusky.ca. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and 3 Siberian Huskies. Being a husky mom for a long duration of her life, Jenna was inspired to begin writing about them. In doing so, she began doing massive research on dog behavior, and all things dog in general. Jenna is inspired every day by her family, and loves to bring her readers valuable information as well as a little humor too! Jenna has created her own business partnered with her lovely mother while blogging called Pawz N Clawz Jewelry N Things. They currently sell handmade jewelry with added pet charms, as well as a few dog toys too!  As an animal rights activist, and huge believer in helping pets who have been stuck in shelters, they donate a portion of their sales to local shelters throughout Canada.

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24 Responses to 10 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

  1. So true that dogs need mental and physical stimulation. I walk, play with and train Kilo every 2 hours. He loves learning tricks to please me and to get treats.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Great post, keeping dogs engaged not only stops the boredom but stops them from being destructive. These are some really great suggestions.

    Even with my dog (she’s 91 in dog years), just going for a walk on a different route excites her – you know different sniffs and smells.

    It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, sometimes just new scenery works. I works for me too.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Jenna Drady says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Changing up walks to head down a different route is huge for a dog! They get all the new smells, sites etc… and it really helps them out with mental stimulation!

  3. Christy Paws says:

    Sounds like lots of great ideas for dogs. Mom could even use some of them with us kitties.

  4. Robin says:

    Keeping a dog’s mind busy is so important! It is amazing what behavior problems can be cured by simply keeping you dog from getting bored. I love that you recommend playtime with your dog. I think it is vital that owners interact with their pets in positive ways like playtime.

  5. Hide and seek is one of our favorite things to do! We’ve been getting in a rut lately with our walks, always taking the same route. It hadn’t occured to me that Matilda might want to get some new smells!

  6. Earl Lover says:

    Agreed! Fab post Jenna!

  7. Jan K says:

    Our Luke definitely gets bored easily. He lets me know when he is by whining at me!
    We’ll usually go outside and throw a toy, or if I’m busy, there is nothing like getting out a new toy to make him happy!

  8. GREAT IDEAS, we love new tricks :) !!! Odin and I also Kayak, paddle boat and he loves to chase fish in shallow water :) We also play rally and hide the treat toys with treats all over the house and play “find it” . Or purposely drop a glove on our walk and tell him to find it on the way home :)

  9. These are really great suggestions. I always loved playing fetch with my neighbors dog when they lived near us. It got some of the dog’s energy out and was good exercise for her, and it allowed us time to bond.

  10. Pay says:

    Since we live on acreage I don’t walk my dogs. But we have a routine and they know it well. They even remind me when its time for certain chores. If I am a little bit late getting out to the chicken coop, they come in the house and want to know why. When my husband has a project to begin he asks the dogs if they are ready to go to work. Of course they always are!

  11. Cathy Armato says:

    Excellent suggestions! Dogs definitely get bored and can become destructive – I always say, a well exercised dog is a happy dog! Getting your dog out of the house & out into the world is not only mentally stimulating, it burns excess energy and helps keep your dog well socialized with people & other dogs!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. Mary Haight says:

    I often go with the mental stimulation games for the GSD, since her energy level is so far beyond mine, I can’t wear her out in play and she gets bored with me! She does have a playmate now that she sees as weather permits — a PBT who matches her exuberance. The nosework games I play with Tashi are mainstays. especially for bad weather, and Kiki’s going to get a taste of this soon ;) Thanks for the list!

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