A Dozen Ways to Entertain Your Dog on a Rainy Day

Rainy Day Time With Your Pet DogsWhile rain can send one dog diving into mud puddles, it can also send others to run for cover!

When the skies are not sunny and long periods of rain keep dogs indoors, many will display signs of boredom. Even the overflowing box of toys seems unappealing.

What’s a dog parent to do?

Here’s 12 Ways to Help Entertain Your Dog on Those Rain-Soaked Days:

1. Singin’ in the Rain

Channel your inner Gene Kelly and grab your umbrella, slip on your rain slicker and boots, and enjoy a walk in the rain! (Don’t forget your dog’s raincoat, too!) If your dog wants to splash in a puddle, go right ahead and splash in one, too! You can always towel off when you get back home. Just think of the laughs you’ll share together!

2. Bring the Outside Inside

If your dog is busy snoozing all day, why not wake him up to a fun game of indoor Fetch or Tug o’ War? Grab one of her stuffies and use it as the indoor “ball” or tug toy (stuffies are much safer on the furniture and windows).

3. Born to Run

If you have a hallway, close all the room doors and voila! You have an instant indoor exercise run, which is great for letting dogs release those pent-up “zoomies!”

4. Work-Out Time!

Does your dog love to run an agility course? Set up a smaller indoor version right in your hallway, living room, or playroom! Remove anything breakable and slide any coffee tables or furniture to the side, then set up a tunnel and plastic cones used from backyard agility courses, and watch the fun!

5. Switch Things Up

If your dog has a bin filled with toys, but seems uninterested in all of them, switch things up a bit. When my daughter was young, she loved stuffed animals. I’d let her have several out at a time, and then after awhile, I’d swap them out for another batch, hiding the previous batch away in her closet. It was like she had new toys each time! The same goes for our dogs.

6. Tricks and Treats Time

Tricks and treats are not just for Halloween! If the skies are gray and rainy, it’s a perfect time to teach your dog a new trick, or review ones he already knows, no matter the age. And always remember to reward with praise and a treat! Nothing says, “good job” more than some happy pets and a tasty morsel of a reward!

7. Whip Up Something Good

Dogs love treats and they love to smell. Why not hit the kitchen together and whip up a delicious smelling homemade batch of dog biscuits, letting your pup be the taste tester. Bye, bye gloomy day!

8. Pick a Peck of Puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle or two or three? Including our dogs! The puzzles that have various shapes or compartments that hide treats or kibble pieces inside, really give our dogs mental stimulation as they figure out the best and fastest way to get to the treat.

9. Paws the Limit

A rainy day is a great time for some arts and crafts. Why not create some cool doggie artwork featuring their very own paw prints? Spread out some newspaper in a designated area, grab some white paper and non-toxic children’s paints, and simply dip their paws in the paint and “stamp” the prints on the white paper, let dry, and then mat and frame. You can also let your dogs each tap into their inner artist by letting them “paint” their own creation by holding the paper while they move their paws over it! A framer for sure! (Just be sure to wash off the paws when done)!

10. Smile for the Camera

We all love our dogs and think we have the most beautiful dog in the world. Why not highlight that love with an indoor photoshoot. Set up a background, bring in some props and/or costumes, and have fun photographing your dog. The bonus is you’ll have a wonderful memory album at the end of the day, too!

11. Let’s Chat for Awhile

Get comfy with your dogs then pet them; massage their ears and paw; talk about the weather, their toys, what’s cooking, who the newest squirrel on the block is, etc. Don’t be surprised if you get a few woofs back! Dogs so enjoy the one-on-one time spent with their loved ones.

12. Naptime

After all the fun, there’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the rain pitter-patter on the window pane and simply curling up to take a nice, cozy nap, like your dog, with your dog!

Nothing says love more than that precious human-canine bond. So, the next time the meteorologist predicts a wet and stormy forecast, rest assured you and your dog will have plenty of things to do indoors to chase away those rainy day blues!

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dorothy wills-rafteryDorothy Wills-Raftery

Dorothy Wills-Raftery is an award-winning photojournalist and author of EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Amazing Dogs Living & Loving Life With Canine Epilepsy; the FiveSibes™ Tales children’s books What’s Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy and Getting Healthy With Harley: Learning About Health & Fitness; and Buddy, the Christmas Husky~Based On A True Holiday Miracle books (ArcticHouse Publishing), as well as the international FiveSibes blog, based on the lives of her five Siberian Huskies. Her work has also appeared in American Pet Magazine, Ruff Drafts, The Sled Dogger, and Hudson Valley Paw Print Magazine. Dorothy is the writer and host of “The Sibe Vibe” Dog Works Radio show.” Named “Best Author” in 2015 & 2016 by Hudson Valley Magazine and all four books named “Best in Print” by American Pet Magazine, Dorothy is a 5-time Dog Writers of America Association “Excellence” nominee, winning the prestigious Maxwell Medallion in 2016 for her writing. An official International Purple Day® for Epilepsy Ambassador since 2012 and a volunteer case manager for The Wally Foundation-Canine Epilepsy, Dorothy is the creator of the FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness campaign inspired by her own epileptic Husky, Gibson. In addition to her Siberian Huskies, Dorothy shares her home­ with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson. You can follow Dorothy and her FiveSibes on Facebook at FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews, on Google + , Twitter, and Instagram (@FiveSibesMom).

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72 Responses to A Dozen Ways to Entertain Your Dog on a Rainy Day

  1. We usually go for walks unless it’s pouring but we also work on tricks and play with toys at home.

  2. Carleen says:

    We always get the treat puzzles out and have playtime!

  3. Those are some great ideas! We do a lot of these, but I think Luna’s favorite is the naps.

  4. Beth says:

    Great suggestions! We can use these ideas in winter too because I’m a wimp and am afraid of falling on ice.

  5. Sadie says:

    These are great ideas – good for ‘snow days’ here in Ontario too!

  6. MattieDog says:

    We love the “Let’s Chat” one – we make time to talk to our pups and it’s wonderful!

  7. A Husky Life says:

    These are really great tips! Living in a rainy city, they will sure come in handy!

  8. I’ve discovered that Kiki and Tashi both go crazy for their cookies still warm from the oven =) It went a long way to brightening a gloomy, rainy day. (Rain…in January — this can’t be Chicago!)

  9. Lisa Bregant says:

    These are fun ideas. We like to bake treats and play with puzzle toys.

  10. Carol Bryant says:

    Dex loves brain games and we also do hide and seek and wind up toys in the house. Fab ideas.

  11. christy says:

    The agility tunnel for the backyard is a great idea — why have I not done that! Great tip

  12. I really LOVE the idea of arts and crafts with your dog! My 10 year old daughter and I spend lots of time on crafts at this time of the year when it is too cold to go outside. I admit, I never considered finding a safe way for Ruby to participate!

    Also, have been reading lots on puzzles lately and will be ordering Ruby some this weekend.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post about Lucas!

  13. Great ideas – we have indoor cats, so I’ll create obstacle agility courses down the hallway and then entice them to run it with a feather on a stick.

  14. Vicki Green says:

    We have lived in an area where there were lots of rainy days and this is a great list of rainy day activities.

  15. Val Silver says:

    Thanks – with our long wet springs and even longer cold snowy winters I try to find ways to amuse Ted. Our hallway has seen many games of fetch.

  16. These are some great tips! Doggie art sounds like it could be messy but fun! :)

    • FiveSibesMom says:

      Thank you! Messy makes for some great art indeed! Recycle newspapers by spreading them out underneath the artwork helps quite a bit when four paws (or in our house – 20 paws!) with paint start to go walking! ;-)

  17. These are awesome tips! My dogs are the ones that go running for cover when it rains! We live in Oregon so it’s pretty often. I use a lot of those ideas for rainy day activities! :D

  18. Great tips! These almost make me want to wish for a rainy day :)

  19. I love these ideas! I am going to have to get some children’s paints and have some fun. Thanks for the tips.

  20. I’d be singing, but my fluffy corgi would be planted firmly on the soggy ground, refusing to take another step. He’s odd. :)

    I need to get my dogs more puzzles, even for sunny days. They love using their noggins!

    • FiveSibesMom says:

      Too funny, Elizabeth! Actually, a few of my Huskies would be right beside your Corgi as they do not like rain either! Snow, yes. Rain, no! It’s in their DNA! Puzzles are great fun, especially because of those hidden treats! ;-)

  21. sherri says:

    My Victor needs to run… regardless of the weather, although he does hate rain. I’ve had a business idea for a while – an indoor dog park in an old industrial building. Now I just need an engineer and about half a million in investment dollars….

  22. christy says:

    Great tips! Today was one of those “practice” with our camera days! Awesome tips.

  23. Dogvills says:

    These are great suggestions. The arts and crafts activity sounds so fun.

  24. MattieDog says:

    Pick a peck of puzzles!! Such a great one – and a very well done post!

  25. Beth says:

    Great idea, I’m partial to napping with the dogs on the sofa!

  26. Great selections! 2 of my dogs would just want to to do #15 and the other one just wants me to chase him around the house with a toy in his mouth.

  27. Some great ideas for dog owners and a few are easily adapted for cats.

  28. Robin says:

    These tips are great! I agree – you need to enjoy life even if it is raining outside. As a cat person, I must say that rainy days are some of the best days to cuddle up with the kitties (or pups in your case) and nap. :)

  29. Sadie says:

    This is such a fun post – thanks. We need to be creative on snow days.

  30. Great tips, most of these are also good to do on a snow day too! :)

  31. Cathy Armato says:

    These are all great ideas, my dogs most enjoy a good puzzle toy or game of find the treat when they’re stuck indoors!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  32. Wonderful tips to save for a rainy day.

  33. I would go with the walk in the rain idea!! Love it!

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