15 Steps to Get Your Dog Ready for Your New Baby

Baby in the House? Here’s How to Teach Your Dog Good Behaviours…

“Congratulations, you’re having a baby” said the doctor, confirming the results that the little pregnancy stick had revealed just a few days earlier. It was 28th December 2012. A wide range of emotions came to the fore as I suddenly I found myself saying aloud ”but what about the dog?” Over the last ten years I’ve had the pleasure of helping many clients prepare their ‘fur-child’ for the arrival of their human baby. After all, life with a newborn is unpredictable; it has many, many highs and can have some lows thanks to sleep deprivation and hormones to name a … Continue reading

3 Great Games to Play With Your Dog

Playing With Your Dog and Dog Tricks Combined

Talk to most dog owners and they’ll tell you the importance of taking Fido out for his daily walk. Yet when it comes to playtime, some owners might not rank this activity so highly. However, the first things we learn as humans are learnt through playing.  That red bouncy ball that escaped you so many times at the beach was the key to developing the coordination that lets you eat food, tie your shoelaces, and even fly a jet aircraft.  It’s the same for our dogs. Playing provides the foundations that let dogs perform daily activities, it allows them use … Continue reading