How to Know What Your Dog Needs Today!

How to Know What Your Dog Needs Today!

It fascinates me how dogs are perceived regarding their moods, emotions and needs. Many people assume they do not have good and bad days, as we do; that they are emotionally incapable of needing varying levels of support depending on what is happening around them. Clients often comment that they don’t know why he is worse in his fear or behaviour one day when nothing seems to have happened. When asked what happened yesterday, and I explain about cortisol levels or the side effects from a long walk etc. often a light bulb comes one. Dogs, like humans, can be happy … Continue reading

How to Look at Every Moment as a Training Opportunity!

How to Look at Every Moment as a Training Opportunity!

‘Oh look, a training opportunity’ is a phrase that I find coming out of my mouth a lot.   I like to pre-empt any possible problems by being proactive to facilitate an issue doesn’t come up in the future. That might be teaching my young excitable Lurcher that the sight of a bicycle means come to me for a yummy treat and calmly watch the speeding deer replacement go by. Or by starting work a month in advance to prepare him for the firework season by upping his Tellington TTouch body work and wearing his body wrap more often. The … Continue reading

4th of July Blues – Helping Dogs With Firework Phobias

4th July Blues – Helping Dogs With Firework Phobias

Many people struggle to comfort their dog when he is in the throes of a firework induced panic. You may feel helpless and torn. Helpless because you feel there is nothing you can do to support him, and torn because there is a rumour going around that you can’t touch, talk to or even comfort your dog in any way as it will make him worse. We’ll put both those thoughts aside and check out one simple thing you can do to calm him down. Dogs generally like their ears stoked, this is partly because we can influence how they … Continue reading

9 Common Reasons Your Dog is a Poor Traveller…

9 Common Reasons Your Dog is a Poor Traveller...

All sorts of issues can contribute towards your dog being a less than happy passenger in the car, but if you can work out what these are, then it will be easier for you to determine the best course of action to take.   The underlying cause may be something relatively simple and obvious or might be more obscure, requiring you to turn detective. Below is a list of common causes of our dogs being poor travellers. Health Issues Certain health issues such as vestibular disease and middle or inner ear infections may cause difficulty in balancing and predispose to … Continue reading

What Painhaviour Is & Why I Think We Need to Create a New Word!

What Painhaviour Is & Why I Think We Need to Create a New Word!

Pain affects all of us at some stage in our lives. It can be acute or chronic, come and go or be constant. It might only hurt when we do certain actions or over do things, like dig the garden. Pain is the reason we most often visit the doctors. It isn’t always obvious; watch ten people in the street and maybe eight will have some kind of pain but you can’t necessarily see it. Pain influences how we deal with the world around us: our tolerance levels, mood, ability to communicate well and energy levels. In short our behaviour … Continue reading

How to Nail Clip Your Dog’s Nails… Calmly

How to Nail Clip Your Dog's Nails… Calmly

To a certain extent it is a myth that road walking will wear down your dog’s claws. A dog’s posture, and any physical conditions like hip dysplasia will determine how he walks and the weight distribution through his legs and feet.   Conformation also plays a huge part in the placement of the foot. We are all guilty of not handling our dog’s feet for fun stuff, seeming only to grab them rudely for feet cleaning and nail clipping. These procedures can be incredibly stressful for our pooches and as guardians it is fitting that we make the experience as … Continue reading

The Trials of the Teenage Dog (And How to Deal With Them!)

Teenage Dog Attitudes and Training Them Patiently

For anyone who has lived with a teenage dog, you will know it isn’t easy. This stage of growing up in any species is challenging for the parents or carers. Dogs, like us, have to learn self-control, good decision making and cooperation with others, while still wanting to push the boundaries with those ‘in charge’. Modern attitudes demand quick fixes and we expect that to apply to the sentinel, hormone filled, and emotional creature that is our young dog. There is no quick way through this, even dog professionals have to wade through the teenage terrors to get to the … Continue reading

Help! My Dog Is Scared of Fireworks!

Fireworks and How to Keep Your Dog Free From Stress

In the UK we are gearing up for the main firework season of the year, the 5th November but for dogs worldwide, fireworks are a real problem.   Their use is growing in popularity, and are set off for festivals, New Year, religious celebrations and special occasions. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, it is hard to avoid them. A survey in the states estimated a massive 23 million dogs are affected by a phobia of fireworks but it is the same worldwide. So what can we do to make our petrified pooches braver? Many people are at … Continue reading

Dogs and Wolves: The Training Debate

Training Differences of Dogs and Wolves

Science is constantly challenging our ideas of how domestic dogs evolved. Whether it was from wolves, jackals or any other wild canid, the debate should be, does it matter to modern day dogs and owners? In my experience it doesn’t, let me explain why. The truth is many people have a corrupted view of what occurs in a group of dogs. Through many twists and turns down through the years, from old gundog training ideas, to incorrect, and might I add amended, information from wolf biologists, we perceive dogs as animals who strive to be in control, rising to the … Continue reading