Dog Bites: Understanding the Why and the What To Do…

Dog Bites: Understanding the Why and the What To Do...

People Magazine reported that the son of Kim Zolciak-Biermann (star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta) was bitten by their family dog. The bite required surgery and was so near to the child’s eye that if it had been 1-millimeter closer the child would have been blind. The family explains that they are sharing their story as a way to educate others. Unfortunately, dog bites are fairly common and most of them are preventable. Why do dog’s bite? Most often dogs bite because they are anxious or afraid. Because dogs cannot say “stop” they will bite if they feel like … Continue reading

How to Help Your Barking Dog!

How to Help Your Barking Dog!

At agility trials, dogs bark A LOT! During one trial I observed and I overheard how some of the trainers attempted to stop the barking. Some trainers ignored the behavior, some yelled while others talked quietly to their dogs while they were barking. I overheard trainers saying that they used a can of pennies, citronella collars and shock collars to stop the barking. These are trainers who profess to be positive reinforcement trainers. The thing I never heard any of the trainers say and never saw anyone do was to find out why the dog was barking. All the training … Continue reading

Are You Afraid of Scary Dogs? Read This!

Are You Afraid of Scary Dogs? Read This!

Do you feel nervous around scary dogs? If so, please take a minute to read this.   So today I got a lovely email out of the blue which got me thinking! Yelski, my first foster dog, was sent to Sweden 6 years ago, and his owner who adopted him just found me on Facebook and sent me the beautiful picture. However, the first time I met Yelski I was petrified of him!! Was he barking? No. Was he jumping up? No. Was he displaying any signs of aggression? No. So why was I scared?   Because he was a … Continue reading

Common Sense Dog Walking!

Walking With Your Dog? Here Are Some Dog Walking Etiquette You Need to Know

Many dog owners in this country as well as others have or have had a dog that is reactive on the lead. This could be for numerous reasons, whether it be they are frustrated greeters that become increasingly wound up when they see other people or dogs that they cannot get to, they could be dog aggressive, or they may just be really nervous and fearful. Whatever the reason walking these types of dog can be incredibly stressful for the owners as well as the dogs! Sometimes when walking a dog that is reactive you are watching everything else as … Continue reading

Separation Anxiety in Dogs and How to Manage It

Separation Anxiety Dog Problems of Being Left

Separation anxiety is one of the most debilitating dog problems I see as a canine behavior specialist in Los Angeles. In addition to the many dogs suffering greatly from this condition, it is also frustrating for an owner who is afraid to leave their dog alone for any period of time. This is out of fear their dog will harm themselves or destroy the home when they are gone. I even saw a case where the dog was so overwhelmed by his anxiety that he thought crashing through a window would be a better option than being left alone! Fortunately … Continue reading