2 Important Dog Training Resources: Time and Space

2 Important Dog Training Resources: Time and Space

Time This is the first of 2 resources that are rarely talked about when we refer to a dog’s resources. I think it’s fair to say we may hear a term like “resource guarding” and we know it refers to a dog’s toys or food, but how do we control a dog’s time? The obvious answer is keeping track of how long each activity lasts. We can control time by how long their training sessions are, how long the walks are, and how long they get to eat. Even though dogs are always in the present state of mind, we still … Continue reading

Junior’s First Trip to the Dog Park

Junior's First Trip to the Dog Park

We can all agree that dogs are social animals. Getting proper socialization starting at 10-12 weeks of age is critical.   The new approach to socialization is to have a balanced approach to their immune vulnerability and their emotional development. You have to mindfully expose your puppy to various environments, people, noises, surfaces, dogs, other species, objects, etc before their critical window shuts down at about 16 weeks of age. After that you will be doing remedial socialization, again being mindful on how you expose your youngster to novel stimuli. Dogs reach young adulthood at about 6 months of age … Continue reading

The Diary of a Dog Walker…

Dog Walker and Understanding More About the Behaviors of Your Pet Dogs

I became a Dog Walker full time just over six months ago, and I love my job.   I’m the owner of my own business and get to work with dogs all day to name just a few of the positives. However I see a lot of adverts suggesting that Dog Walking or even Pet Sitting is an easy way to earn a few extra pounds during the week with very little effort. There is a lot more to running your own Pet Care business than simply ‘walking a dog.’ Before I even start walking a new client’s dog, I … Continue reading