Pet Cancer Awareness Month: How Can You Protect Your Pets?

Pet Cancer Awareness Month: How Can You Protect Your Pets?

There is one word that strikes fear in the heart of every pet parent; cancer. Unfortunately, it is a diagnosis heard each day in veterinary offices around the world. November is Pet Cancer Awareness month and the perfect opportunity to explore ways we can help protect our best friends. Did you know that many of the cancers humans get can also affect pets? It makes sense when you think about it. We share the same environments, are exposed to the same toxins, we share love and companionship as the human-animal bond, and our DNA or genomes are similar. The human … Continue reading

How Your Dog Can Benefit From Antioxidants

Antioxidants and the Benefits It Gives to Your Dog’s Health

You probably hear the word antioxidants every day, but do you know what they actually are and how they can benefit your dog? Antioxidants are substances that work in the body to reduce cellular oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs within the body’s cells, releasing free radicals and peroxides. Free radicals are also generated when the body is exposed to environmental pollutants such as smoke or air pollution and harmful chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides. These cellular by-products are potentially toxic to cells and can overwhelm the body’s natural immune system. As a natural defense, the body … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Cancer in Your Dog…

Cancer in Dog? Tips on How to Deal With Cancer Health Issues…

One of the most devastating illnesses in dogs today is cancer. It is a disease that can come up quickly and somewhat unexpectedly. Cancer can also spread rapidly leading to devastating results. So how can we fight cancer? Can cancer be prevented? Is there a cure for cancer? We will explore these questions in the article. What Is Cancer? Though the disease can be complex it can be simply defined. A dog’s body comprises many living cells. Most of these cells are constantly regenerating and dividing. This process consistently provides new cells to keep the body performing at its peak. … Continue reading

Here’s What YOU Need to Know About Pet Cancer

Pet Cancer Prevention and Health Issue Detection

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. That dreaded “C” word that no one – or no pet – ever wants to hear. But we cannot turn our backs on cancer, we cannot ignore it. What we can do, is raise awareness, and do our part to keep our pets healthy, while helping each other understand early signs of cancer, and/or how to prevent it. Here’s What YOU Need to Know About Canine Cancer: According to The Veterinary Cancer Center – “Cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease related pet deaths each year.”  Wow… That’s huge. With only about … Continue reading

How Chronic Inflammation Could Be Affecting Your Dog’s Health

Inflammation in Dogs? How to Deal With It…

Inflammation is an everyday part of life, and in some cases, may even be a symptom of healing. However, chronic inflammation is different, working on a cellular level, undermining your otherwise healthy dog.   It can slow the healing process, as well as be the cause of obesity. Allergies, liver disease, and kidney disease have all been linked to chronic inflammation as well as damage to the eyes and digestive tract. Veterinarians and owners alike have seen an increase in joint inflammation as well as arthritis issues. In recent scientific studies, inflammation has even been linked to heart disease and cancer. … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs to Get in Shape Now

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs to Get in Shape Now

When I worked at the vet hospital, many of my patients were overweight or obese. As a matter of fact, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention discovered that 52.7% of U.S. dogs are overweight or obese as of 2014. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the reasons why pet obesity is so prevalent. In my experience, many pet parents find it difficult to understand the severity of seemingly small weight gain. Specifically, if a dog is supposed to weigh 18 pounds and they actually weigh 20 pounds, this might not seem like a big deal. However, this dog has … Continue reading

Tips to Recognize and Treat Dog Ear Problems

Tips to Recognize and Treat Dog Ear Problems - featured

Is your dog plagued by chronic ear problems? Are frequent trips to the vet for ear cleaning or applications of medications required to keep your dog’s ears free from uncomfortable inflammation and infection? If so, you are not alone, as ailments affecting the ears are some of the most common reasons owners present their pets to their veterinarian for evaluation and treatment. Causes of Dog Ear Problems There are many causes capable of contributing to skin and ear problems including: Infection: A variety of microscopic organisms can take up residence in your dog’s ear, including bacteria, yeast, mites. Increased ear discharge … Continue reading