5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe this Halloween

Halloween Tips to Keep Your Pet Dogs Safe and Happy

October is an exciting month. The trees are changing colors, the weather is nice and cool, and if you’re Canadian, you get to celebrate Thanksgiving. (November for my American friends) But aside from that, October 31’st – one of my favorite holidays – HaLlOwEeN!   I admit, I love Halloween. I love picking out costumes for my kids and my pets. I love taking them out walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors. I love the whole experience. BUT… for us pet owners, there is much more than just children to worry about on Halloween. There are some dangers that … Continue reading

How to Have a Fun, Festive, Pet Safe, Happy Easter!

Happy Easter With Your Pet Dog

Spring is in the air! And along with the new season, comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down that Bunny Trail. With all the excitement of families gathering together and stepping outside for some Easter fun, whether it’s hunting for hidden eggs or kids searching for their Easter baskets, this holiday is also a good time to review some innocent looking dangers in order to avoid them so a Happy Easter can be had by all, especially our canine companions. Spring Showers Bring Pretty Flowers Easter plants and flowers, i.e. lilies, daffodils, azaleas, hyacinths, tulips etc., are very pretty, but they are … Continue reading

One Common Thing That is More Toxic Than Chocolate for Dogs!

One Common Thing That is More Toxic Than Chocolate for Dogs! - featured

What could be more toxic than chocolate? Actually, I didn’t know the answer until I did the research. The startling fact that thousands of products contain this substance stymied me. There are no warning labels for pet owners. Because these products are made for people, hundreds of dogs and cats suffer when adults or children leave these foods and products where pets can ingest them. This substance naturally develops in grapes and onions. Is also an ingredient often added to gum, candy, mouthwash, toothpaste, and ear medications for children, plus it is added to many prepared foods. Gum, candy, peanut … Continue reading

10 Ordinary Food Items You Should NEVER Give Your Dog

Food That Is Fatal to Dogs

When a dog drinks antifreeze or eats its owner’s sleeping pills, birth control pills, psychotropic drugs, it is a serious affair. But it can be just as serious if your dog eats some of our food. Check out the list to ensure that your ignorance doesn’t end up harming your sweet dog. There is a difference between dogs and humans. What is part of healthy nutrition for humans, can be fatal to dogs. That may surprise many dog ​​owners that their dog can’t tolerate everything humans can, but unfortunately that is the truth. Because of this you have to make sure … Continue reading