How to Choose the Perfect Coat for Your Dog?

Coat for Your Pet Dogs: What Kind of Pet Coat Should You Buy?

We live in the Chicago area where sub-zero temperatures are the norm in January. Most dogs wear coats in the windy city deep freeze.   But what about in places with normal winters, do dogs really need coats? Some dogs with thick fur stay warm on their own as long as they stay dry. But others – shorthaired or short-legged dogs, seniors and puppies, toy breeds, thin dogs without much body fat, and dogs with chronic health or immune system issues – need the extra protection when the temperatures drop. 1. Does It Fit? A coat should give your dog … Continue reading

Why and How You Should Take Care of Your Dog’s Skin & Coat

Skin and Coat Issues on Dogs and Proper Dog Parenting

A dog’s skin and coat are reflections of their overall health, and often times a dull coat can reveal more in-depth issues that your pet may be suffering from. Many pet owner’s think the best way to handle common skin and coat issues is external solutions, like sprays or shampoos. While many skin and coat issues can benefit from external products or help alleviate symptoms; proper skin and coat health first starts on the inside with a proper diet and evaluation of potential medical issues. Common Skin & Coat Issues: • Itchy Skin • Lack-luster or Dull Fur • Excessive … Continue reading