5 Polite Behaviors Your Dog Should Know Before Traveling

5 Polite Behaviors Your Dog Should Know Before Traveling

When outdoor temperatures start dropping, you know the holiday season is quickly approaching. Bringing furry family members along for holiday family visits has increased dramatically, so it’s time to make sure your dog learns important polite behaviors before heading out to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. Start teaching your dog polite behaviors months in advance, so your dog can show off her polite manners to family members when they see her. 1. Crate Training All traveling dogs should learn how to quietly settle in their crate in different situations. When traveling by car, dogs should travel in crates for safety. Also, … Continue reading

How to Make Emergency Preparation for Your Pets

How to Make Emergency Preparation for Your Pets

With Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the fires in California and the storms in Mexico we know that an emergency can occur at any time.   Whether it is a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or any other kind of disaster, the more prepared you are the better the outcome can be. Although many of us consider our furry and feathered family members to be part of the family, we don’t always make emergency preparations for them. Preparations for pets should not only include food and medications but it is also important to do some emergency training as well. When putting together … Continue reading

Dog House-Training, Potty Training, Housebreaking, Oh My!

Dog House-Training, Potty Training, Housebreaking, Oh My!

A common source of frustration for the puppy or newly-adopted dog owner, let’s simplify potty-training! Potty training, house-training, the traditional term “housebreaking…” It’s all the same thing, isn’t it? It means teaching new puppy (or dog) – we’ll call him Bellhop for the purposes of this article – to eliminate in some places, and not to eliminate in others. As a general rule of thumb, you can assess that your puppy can probably “hold it” for the number of months old he is, divided by two. (So a two month old puppy can probably only hold it for about an … Continue reading

Important Tips for Crating Your Dog

Important Tips for Crating Your Dog

If you were anything like me growing up, you never had a crate for your dog let alone heard of one. These were the times of letting our dogs run loose to visit the neighbors and the neighbor’s dogs would come visit us. I remember my dad cutting a cardboard box in half that a refrigerator came in. Then he cut out a slot for our dogs to get in and out of the boxes, and after putting in a garbage bag full of fleece scraps it was quite the cozy place for our dogs on the patio. Little did … Continue reading

3 Important Reasons Dogs Need to Be Inside a Crate In a Car

Crate Advantages for Your Pet Dog

While some animal activists may condemn the practice of crate training, I beg to disagree with their complaints about this common practice.   Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) compare placing dogs in these temporary enclosures to putting them into prison. They point out cruel training techniques and keeping animals confined for long periods of time, but that’s the owner’s fault and not how many canines feel about being in a crate. Since dogs are inherently “den” animals, most of them feel perfectly safe and content inside this temporary confine. Crate training a dog, or even … Continue reading

Safe Puppy Socialization Tips to Try Out Now!

Puppy Socialization Tips for Proper Parenting

Getting a new puppy is fun and exciting but it can also be overwhelming. There are many things to do when you bring a new puppy home: finding a veterinarian; getting the right food; potty training; crate training; and getting a bed, leashes and toys. Although all of these things are important, one of the most important things you can do is to properly socialize your puppy. A puppy’s prime socialization period is from about 3-12 weeks. During this period puppies learn about the world including what objects, people and environments that are safe. During the socialization period, you want … Continue reading

How to Get Your Dog to Love Their Crate

Crate Training for your Dog’s Safety

There are many benefits to crate training your dog. Although there has been some controversy in the past, many people support positive and necessary crate training. If used appropriately, crate training can improve your living conditions and provide your dog with additional safety. For example, your pet may be a chewer, and never quite outgrow their habit of wanting to chew on things. If your dog has a particular affinity for chewing on wires or some other dangerous household item, crating them while you are away and unable to distract them, may be the safest option for them. For crate … Continue reading

How to Raise a Doggy Superstar!

Superstar Dog: How to Train by Socialization

Two words: Early Socialization. I know, I know. Puppies need manners training and crate training, potty training and chew training, alone time training and resource guarding prevention. Those things are important, no doubt. But when it comes to your pup’s long term behavioral health and wellness, none is as important as proper early socialization. Socialization, the process of exposing a puppy to all sorts of people, places, puppies, things and experiences in a positive way, is the highest priority for raising a superstar. Socialization gives your puppy the best chance of growing up to be a confident well-adjusted dog. It greatly … Continue reading

Tips For Making Traveling With Your Dog A Breeze

Vehicles and Cars That Canines Like

Dog owners see their pet as a full member of their family. This means that if they go on a vacation or other trip, the dog goes with them. Indeed, doing so also makes the vacation more enjoyable, as you don’t have to worry about whether or not your furry best friend is being looked after properly. However, traveling with your dog does take a bit of knowledge and understanding, particularly if you are taking your pet in a car. After all, cars are not designed to carry dogs. Luckily, you can plan ahead in order to make sure the … Continue reading