Why You Need to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Why You Need to Teach Your Dog Tricks

When was the last time you taught your dog a new trick? Been a while? Sometimes when we get a new dog/puppy we spend a lot of time teaching tricks and behaviors and once we feel the dog is “trained” we… well stop. Dogs love, love, love to train and learn behaviors. The AKC has launched a new trick dog program and it is just the ticket for some fresh new ideas. Why train tricks? Dogs love to learn new things Mental stimulation and activity helps improve your dog’s overall behavior New tricks prevent boredom (which can lead to bad … Continue reading

The Benefits of Trick Training Your Dog

Trick Training With Your Canine Friend

Teaching your dog tricks can be a really cute way to show off at a party, but there are many benefits that can help with everyday life. Independent Thinkers Most owners love when their dogs sit in front of them and give them eye contact. Focus is a wonderful skill to have, but when you have an independent thinker (or a dog that thinks outside of the box), the possibilities of what you can train your dog are endless. An independent thinker can problem solve faster and not get as frustrated. Many of these tricks can be very helpful. Some … Continue reading

Can Deaf Dogs Understand Sign Language? My Dog Does…

Deaf Dogs Training Using Sign Language

I am the proud owner of a deaf Dalmatian called Logan. A dog considered by many to be untrainable because of the fact he cannot hear. The truth; I’d have a deaf dog over a hearing one any day! When I was researching deaf dogs both when Logan was a puppy and when writing a previous article I was amazed at the negativity towards owning a deaf dog, with many people, sites, books and breeding clubs suggesting euthanasia as the only option for a dog that cannot hear. After all they have no quality of life, become aggressive, are untrainable … Continue reading