What State of Mind Are You Nurturing in Your Dog?

What State of Mind Are You Nurturing in Your Dog?

Attention is a form of affection for dogs, and when they receive a human’s attention, it pleases and satisfies a need for them. It is important to be aware of the dog’s state of mind when you are giving the attention and affection they seek.   If a dog is barking and you start to pet him, the dog will receive a message that if he barks he will receive petting and affection. Often times when a small dog starts to bark at strangers, the owner will pick up the small dog in order to calm him down. The dog … Continue reading

Learning Your Dog’s Language

Learning Your Dog's Language

Dogs use their whole bodies to communicate how they are feeling. Groups of signals indicate whether a dog needs more space from something (distance increasing signals) or would like less space (distance decreasing signals). Sometimes a dog will display a mix of these signals when they feel conflicted or ambivalent in a situation. Groups of signals can also tell us when a dog is feeling stressed or playful. These behavioral signals can be limited by whether or not the dog has a coat that allows him to raise his hackles or whether he has surgically cropped ears or a docked … Continue reading

7 Dog Books That Improved My Relationship With Dogs

Dog Books to Help You in Training and Loving Your Dogs

I love reading. I can sit and read all day, especially when there’s a vast amount of articles and information available online. One of my ways to procrastinate is to get on the Internet, and just start surfing favorite topics. When I browse, one thing leads to another, and in a few hours I’m on a subject that’s nowhere near the topic that I started with. That could be a good thing and a bad thing, which is why I often choose books over the deep labyrinths of the internet. It’s also the reason why I’m still subscribing to magazines; … Continue reading