The Diary of a Dog Walker…

Dog Walker and Understanding More About the Behaviors of Your Pet Dogs

I became a Dog Walker full time just over six months ago, and I love my job.   I’m the owner of my own business and get to work with dogs all day to name just a few of the positives. However I see a lot of adverts suggesting that Dog Walking or even Pet Sitting is an easy way to earn a few extra pounds during the week with very little effort. There is a lot more to running your own Pet Care business than simply ‘walking a dog.’ Before I even start walking a new client’s dog, I … Continue reading

Why Treating Your Dog’s Dirty/Smelly Ears Should Be Urgent!

Ears of Dogs Having Infections and How to Treat It

Ear infections are the single largest reason people take their dogs to the vet. However, there are actually several types of ear infections that can affect your dog. Otitis is a general term describing inflammation or infection of the ear, and it can show up in your dog in several forms. Otitis externa is commonly indicated by redness or swelling in your dog’s outer ear and his outer ear canal. This is essentially swimmer’s ear for dogs, as it’s often caused by water that gets trapped inside the ear canal. Water trapped in the ears allows bacteria to breed, and if … Continue reading