Top Five Reasons Why Specially-Abled Dogs Rock

Top Five Reasons Why Specially-Abled Dogs Rock

Today is National Specially-Abled Pets Day – a day to educate and celebrate dogs with physical challenges like paralysis, blindness or deafness. Whether from injury or birth defect, specially-abled dogs make wonderful companions and can live happy, healthy lives. Sadly, specially-abled dogs are often overlooked and euthanized by both breeders and shelters alike. Top Five Reasons Specially-Abled Dogs Rock: 1. Specially-abled dogs possess an enormous capacity for love and make amazing companions. While it’s true they may require extra care, training, and planning, they help us live in the moment and their gratitude, loyalty and love is immense. 2. Specially-abled dogs … Continue reading

5 Good Reasons You Should Insure Your New Pet

Insure Your New Pet: What Are the Advantages?

Investing in a pet is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, cats and dogs live for twelve to eighteen years on average and birds can live several decades. Any creature brought into your home becomes part of your family and you want to treat them as such. But what does litter box training or playing fetch have to do with pet insurance? Is insurance on our pets really necessary? 1. Peace of Mind Let’s face it, many of us purchase a pet or take one in without being fully prepared for the emotional journey … Continue reading

February Charity Spotlight on Marley’s Mutts

Marley's Mutts: 4Knines Charity Spotlight February 2016

All Breeds, All Creeds Welcome. The giant Mastiff. The mangy mutt. The aggressive. The scared. All are welcome at Marley’s Mutts, a unique organization dedicated to rescuing “undesirable” incarcerated canines from shelters in outlying areas with euthanasia rates of nearly 100%. As a recognized and decorated 501(c)3 non-profit, Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue has an unwavering mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, train, and re-home death row dogs from Kern County’s overcrowded shelters. These dogs have been abandoned, lost, neglected, discarded, or abused. As their rescuers, their voice, and their future, Marley’s Mutts desire is to save and serve as many as they possibly can. … Continue reading

How to Know When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to Your Pet…

Good-Bye to Your Pet Best Friend: Euthanasia

Your beloved pet has been with you for years as your companion, protector, and friend. Now, your pet isn’t doing so well. The prognosis doesn’t look good either. You know you’re going to have to make the decision to let go at some point, but when do you know it’s time? You probably have many questions going through your mind right now: What if he or she recovers? Maybe he or she will hang on for a while? Is he or she in a lot of pain? These questions are common ones as you decide if euthanasia is the only … Continue reading

Can Deaf Dogs Understand Sign Language? My Dog Does…

Deaf Dogs Training Using Sign Language

I am the proud owner of a deaf Dalmatian called Logan. A dog considered by many to be untrainable because of the fact he cannot hear. The truth; I’d have a deaf dog over a hearing one any day! When I was researching deaf dogs both when Logan was a puppy and when writing a previous article I was amazed at the negativity towards owning a deaf dog, with many people, sites, books and breeding clubs suggesting euthanasia as the only option for a dog that cannot hear. After all they have no quality of life, become aggressive, are untrainable … Continue reading