Dog Saliva: Can Dog Kisses Cure You?

Dog Saliva Health Benefits for Humans?

It’s inevitable with an affectionate dog that he or she will get in a few licks on your face from time to time. We also are drawn to sometimes think about the “ick factor” when we observe where that adorable dog’s tongue has been besides just in his puppy chow. And of course, some dogs just have a tendency to drool, whether it’s a breed thing like for those sloppy chops of the St. Bernard or behavior-triggered like Rover shares a little spit with that old tennis ball he finds so fun to keep dropping in your lap. Some people … Continue reading

Why Do Dogs Lick? 3 Interesting Reasons You Might Not Know…

Lick Attitude on Your Pet Dog and How to Understand It Further

Dogs – they are our best friends, they are our family, they make our lives whole. When we share our lives with dogs, we tend to learn a lot about them. Not just about our own pups, but dogs in general. We learn that dogs like to explore the world with their noses. We learn that dogs show unconditional love towards their people. We also learn that dogs like to lick. A dogs tongue reminds me a lot of their noses. To me, it seems they like to explore the world with their tongues almost as much as they do … Continue reading