Wellness Care for Aging Dogs: Breaking Down Alternative Therapies

Wellness Care for Aging Dogs: Breaking Down Alternative Therapies

Aging well isn’t just a human problem. With proper care and attention, many older pets can stay vigorous and energetic, aging gracefully well into their senior years. Regular adjustments to key lifestyle factors, like diet, nutrition, activity and exercise levels can make a big difference to your pet’s health and wellness throughout the golden years. By keeping your dog healthy and properly addressing age-related health problems as they arise, you boost your dog’s psychological well being too, avoiding depression that often comes with poorly managed health problems. Since dogs are individuals with their own unique challenges, histories and genetics, no wellness plan … Continue reading

12 Pet Tech Apps to Make Caring for Your Pet Easier…

12 Pet Tech Apps to Make Caring for Your Pet Easier...

It’s stating the obvious to say that your pet’s health is very important. Just like their human companions, this includes mental health and stimulation – this last is really important in helping alleviate common problems for dogs such as boredom, loneliness, separation anxiety and lack of mental stimulation. There is an ever growing choice of tech solutions and apps available to help in these increasingly important aspects of caring for your pet. These typically fall under the five headings below. We have included a brief overview of a couple of market leaders in each category. Pet Sitting, Doggy DayCare, Dog … Continue reading

Little Known Facts About Caring for Your Pet’s Gums

Gums of Your Pet Dog and Health Concerns

Almost all cats and dogs develop some type of gum disease in their life time. 90% of them die due to infection in their gums that transfer to their heart and other organs. It is essential to care for them to help reduce and prevent gum infection and inflammation so that they can live longer and healthier. Many pet owners buy commercially available oral care products including popular chews, sprays, toothpaste etc. But, it is very important to know that most oral care products available in the market for pets either have minimum efficacy or have ingredients that harm your … Continue reading

Protect Your Dog From Heartworm Disease!

Hearthworm Disease? How to Avoid and Use Dog Seat Cover

Summer is in full swing and we all know what that means…mosquitoes are out in full force. Although it important to protect yourself from these nasty, bloodsucking insects, it is also extremely important to protect your pup. Mosquitoes carry a host of horrible diseases that not only affect humans, but they also carry deadly diseases that can affect your pet’s health. Heartworm Disease Heartworm disease is caused by long worms that infect your pet’s heart. Although these worms typically reside in your pet’s heart, they have the ability to travel to your pet’s lungs, as well as other vital organs, … Continue reading