10 Ways to Get You and Your Dog’s Fitness on This Winter

10 Ways to Get You and Your Dog's Fitness on This Winter

Freezing cold wind, icy cold feet/paws, frostbite, and just downright brrrrrrrrr! Winter, as gorgeous as it is seeing our world covered in a gorgeous blanket of white, let’s face it, hibernation during these months is something both we and our pets can relate to. So what do we do during the winter? Normally a good cuddle on the couch with our pets and a favorite movie is top of the list. BUT… what about keeping up with exercise? Both mental and physical stimulation is still needed to maintain health and overall well being of our dogs as well as us … Continue reading

8 Cool Gadgets to Keep Your Dog Active

Gadgets for Your Pet Dogs: Stimulate Your Dogs Mentally and Physically

On the market, there are hundreds upon hundreds of great dog gadgets that can make both your life and your dog’s life a lot easier and entertaining.   With so many gadgets on the market, I picked out a handful that I assumed most dog owners would enjoy. 1. Nite Ize Light Up Ball Dogs love to play fetch all the time, but what happens when the sun goes down? It’s going to be pretty hard for your dog to find that tennis ball in the dark. This is where this ball comes in. The Nite Ize Light Up Ball … Continue reading