Downward Dog? The Upswing of Yoga With Canines

Downward Dog: Yoga for Your Pet Dogs

Some might argue that yoga isn’t really a true exercise routine, yet still this workout regime has existed for over 5,000 years and some researchers have placed this ancient practice as far back as 10,000 years or more. Yoga is still going strong and recently this physical phenomenon has embraced canines into joining their humans in this popular fitness program along with one of its favorite poses, the downward dog. It’s being labelled as “Doga,” or the obvious combination of dog and yoga, is a newer way for pet lovers to experience the wonders of yoga with their four-legged friends. … Continue reading

Breathwalking? How to Meditate With Your Dog & Positively Condition Your Mornings

Breakthwalking With Your Pet Dog and Remove Everyday Stress

It’s no secret that the modern world as we know it today is a pretty hectic place. It seems that from the moment we awake in the morning, until the time we lay our heads down at night, we have somewhere we need to go, or some thing we need to do. Say goodbye to loosening your tie, or letting your hair down after a hard day at the office–in the age of the smartphone, work, and your many responsibilities have no official hours—we’re always connected, day and night. You remember charge your phone daily, but did you remember to … Continue reading