Bring Your Dog Along on Your Next Ski Vacation

Dog in snow

We’re in the prime of the ski season! There is no better time to hit the slopes than right now. You don’t have to leave your favorite furry pal behind when you hit the road for your favorite ski spot. While there are plenty of ski towns that will welcome your pooch, there isn’t one that’s better about it than Telluride.

Telluride is located high in the San Juan mountains in Southern Colorado. It’s a great little mountain town that’s managed to keep its charm while being one of the top skiing destinations in the country (and maybe the world). Dogs are welcomed and beloved by the residents and visitors of the town, and you’ll see plenty of furry friends wandering around with their owners. Many of the resorts in Mountain Village allow pets and may even offer special accommodations for them. You and your dog can ride the short gondola ride down the mountain into town, where there are specialty pet stores where your dog can find a tasty treat of a cozy new sweater. The bus system that runs through town also allows leashed dogs to ride with their owners.

Telluride is breathtakingly beautiful, and you and your dog will love everything there is to do in this mountain town. It’s a great year round destination, but for winter sports enthusiasts this time of the year can’t be beat for a visit. You’ll find plenty of great dog-friendly hotels and results to stay at, as well as delicious food for both you and your dog. Before you leave for the slopes of Telluride, stop by our online store and find a great dog seat cover and keep your vehicle free from ice, snow, and dirt that your dog might track in.

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  1. Indra says:

    Aspen, CO. It’s not so much the best snikig in Colorado, as the best snikig ANYWHERE! Seriously I’ve been all over the place (Vail, Breckenridge, Steamboat, Keystone, Whistler/Blackcomb, Jackson Hole etc) and I keep coming back to Aspen, for a good reason (I live here during the winter months) and that is because whatever you want, its here. Park and Pipe? go to Buttermilk (the four mountains are Ajax (aka Aspen Mountain), Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass), like back-country? Highlands bowl has the best backcountry ever, like hard but not too hard blacks? Ajax is for you. Or if you’re like me and like a bit of everything, then Snowmass is the place for you! We’ve even got a 5th mountain for Nordic Skiing, its actually a bridge between Ajax and Snowmass, its supposed to be really good. The town is awesome too, there’s great food, great people, and great nightlife. Seriously, if you can find a better place to ski than Aspen, let me know!Aspen or Snowmass village are both great places to live, however they can be quite expensive, but there are neighboring towns that have much cheaper lifestyles and are a short ride from aspen/snowmass. Both are quiet, homey places to live, Snowmass Village is a bit calmer, but still only 25 minutes away from Aspen. You honestly can’t go wrong with coming here to ski. Was this answer helpful?

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